Revoshooter: A Revolutionary Space Shooter

I am excited to announce the release of the open beta version of Revoshooter, our space shooter game! Join in now to get extra unit crates at the start of your journey.



How to Join the Beta

The beta test is open to public on the Google Play link above.

  • How can I contact you? You can join the Quenchless Creative Discord Server so we can have a chat. Also, you can leave feedback through the Google Play page.
  • Can I get access to the closed alpha build? If you want to test unreleased features, reach me on Discord and I will add you to the alpha testing. There may not be an alpha version at the time, though.
  • What will I get for joining the beta? In game, you will get 5 steel crates, 2 golden crates and 1 diamond crate; containing orbiters, ships and cores. This won’t be available after release. I will also give online gift cards to the top testers who contact me through Discord and help me fix bugs, give suggestions etc.
  • What do I need to test the game? To join the open beta, you need an Android device, since the game is released on Google Play. I can also send you a Windows build, if you don’t have access to Android; but it would be better to test on phones/tablets to identify platform specific issues.

Beta Update 1 (v0.8.2)

Thanks to the feedback of our precious beta testers, I managed to improve UI performance, make some quality of life additions and fix some bugs. Here is the changelog for v0.8.2:

  • UI Performance fixes: The blur effect and scroll views in the UI are optimized, leading to faster UI.
  • Optional aim line for the player spaceship is added. Can be enabled through options.
  • Options menu can now be accessed during gameplay.
  • Drop amounts for the upgrade cards are now scaled with the level. This will result in more upgrade cards for the later levels.
  • The units in the shops will be lower level that the planet, instead of being the same level as the planet all the time. This will improve the significance of loot crates and upgrading the units.
  • Difficulty is balanced. Now the beginning parts of the game should be much easier. Enemies and bosses deal significantly less bullet and body damage. Player ship health is increased. Shield and lightning orbiters are buffed.
  • Size of the outline effect showing the player ship health is increased for better visibility.
  • Added the level progression bar.
  • Bugfix: Enemies continuing to spawn after the level ends is fixed.

Space Shooter With a Twist

Revoshooter is a “revolutionary” space shooter game, with comfortable and easy to get used to controls, specifically designed for mobile gameplay. The main objective of the game is to reach a certain planet on a randomly generated galaxy by travelling between planets and fighting enemies. Each planet is swarmed with different types of enemies, some even witheld by powerful bosses. The aim is to select appropriate loadout for each mission and fight enemies with tactical weapons.

  • Protect the “core” from space pirates by tactically placing “orbiters” around it.
  • Consider your enemies before choosing the appropriate units to use in the level.
  • Fight using your ship and orbiters against swarm of enemies and powerful bosses.
  • Salvage crates for units, upgrade them using upgrade cards.
  • Go from galaxy to galaxy and save them from the bad guys.

Main features:

  • 3 different control types, choose whichever you are comfortable with.
  • 7+ enemies.
  • 3+ bosses, each with unique fight styles and tactic requirements.
  • 6+ orbiters to choose from.
  • 3+ ships with varying attributes.
  • 3+ cute cores, each with different ultimate abilities (soon to be implemented)
  • Powerups to temporarily boost your powers throughout the levels.
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Bronze Hand Is Now Quenchless

Since we are still at the beginning of our hopefully long journey, I decided to rename the studio from “Bronze Hand” to “Quenchless”. Although Bronze Hand was a really meaningful name for me, as time passed, I started thinking that it was not really a meaningful name for a company. I wanted a more “generalizable” name, suitable for a wider range of products, since I am planning on experimenting on different genres and platforms. “Quenchless” was always in my mind since I started considering names at the starting point of the company. Although it is still kind of a long name, I realized it will be better in terms of originality and memorability.


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HAtF Update: No Time to Wait

We released our first big update for Heroes After the Fall. It focuses on drastically reducing wait times in the game, giving the main focus to the gameplay, as it should be!



We Listened to Your Feedback

We received a lot of feedback, mainly as Google Play reviews, that pointed out the main glaring flaw of the game: waiting times. While developing Heroes After the Fall, we focused on giving an idle progression feeling to the game. Our aim was to create a game that would take up 5 to 20 minutes at a time, with a continuous survival progression feeling. It was a game made to be a filler of spare times, just like a “digital pet” game, but with solid and balanced RPG elements and an interesting setting.

The main problem was that the mobile store is filled with games with waiting times. Those games aim to grab cash from the players by putting a wait wall in front of them. While our aim was to simulate travels and scavenges in real time, it was not feeling very different from those games in practice.

Players of Heroes After the Fall told us that the game was putting a wall in front of the player, hiding the interesting and good sides of the game and pushing the interested players away from itself by not letting them play when they want. We totally agree with these criticisms and present you our new update: No Time to Wait!

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Puzzle Sage

Our new game “Puzzle Sage” is available in Google Play! Feel free to check it out and leave your comments.



Limited Time Prize

The competition has ended. The winners of the competition:

10$ gift card:

  • NimbleHyena54607 (1st in the leaderboard)
  • OakCancellor48790 (Randomly selected between top 5)

Level Pack 1:

  • NimbleHyena54607
  • SuperBeast34711
  • OakCancellor48790

Win Play Store, Steam or Amazon gift card by playing Puzzle Sage now! Following two players will get 10$ gift card from their favourite store:

  • 1st place in the leaderboard named “Collected Stars”, which can be accessed from the game’s menu. The dev account “brkrsnmz” in the leaderboard will be excluded (obviously).
  • A randomly selected player from the top 5 in the leaderboard.

Additionally, be in top tree in the leaderboard of the game by the deadline and you will get the following rewards:

  • Your name will be showcased at the launch screen of the game as the winner to the competition.
  • You will get a promo code to unlock Level Pack 1. We will announce the winners and the method to collect the reward after the deadline.

Deadline: July 29, 2018

Terms: Make sure that you are connected to the internet while launching and playing the game. Make sure that you enabled “Google Play Games” service in your phone and logged in. Click the cup icon in the main menu of the game to access the leaderboard. Your Google Play Games account and scores must be publicly visible to be eligible to enter the competition. If you completed at least one of the levels and see yourself in the leaderboard as publicly visible, you will be entering the competition with your score.

Deadline and terms may change.

What is Puzzle Sage?

Puzzle Sage is a puzzle game with brilliantly designed levels that will give your brain a challenge. Control a puzzle fanatic blue monster and navigate him around various levels, each with different elements such as buttons, keys, boxes, enemies, bullets, etc. The game will keep introducing new mechanics, making the puzzles harder as you tackle each one.

  • Collect all the keys distributed around the level.
  • Push crates onto buttons to keep doors open.
  • Press colored buttons where only one color will stay open.
  • Get past enemies and bullets shot by enemies.
  • Be careful that wooden crates may be destroyed by the enemies.
  • Redirect enemy bullets to charge bullet collectors which will open special pathways.

All these elements and more are combined in Puzzle Sage to create interesting puzzles!

Earn stars in the levels depending on your success, unlocking new levels and finding puzzles designed to challenge and fully satisfy you.

Let’s see how much of a sage you are!

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Heroes After the Fall

We are currently developing mobile and PC games. Our first game is “Heroes After the Fall”.



Heroes After the Fall is an idle RPG game where you control a group of survivors in a post apocalyptic era. Designate your hero’s skills and items and send them to scavenge more supplies and gain experience to level up. Find companions to help you on your journey. Your heros will fight with various enemies -even boss creatures-; each with different skill sets, requiring you to carefully determine your tactics. Your hero’s and companions’ skills will determine the outcome of every fight. It adopts an “idle RPG” gameplay where you take care of the equipment and training of the heroes in the towns and send them to different locations for scavenge. When the scavenge is done in a designated time, the heros will return for you to help them prepare for the next location. After every scavenge, you can spectate the fight to see what is lacking in your current strategy.

Heroes After the Fall is a completely offline game. Internet connection is only required if you want to use the ability to reduce waiting times by watching ads.

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