HAtF Update: No Time to Wait

We released our first big update for Heroes After the Fall. It focuses on drastically reducing wait times in the game, giving the main focus to the gameplay, as it should be!



We Listened to Your Feedback

We received a lot of feedback, mainly as Google Play reviews, that pointed out the main glaring flaw of the game: waiting times. While developing Heroes After the Fall, we focused on giving an idle progression feeling to the game. Our aim was to create a game that would take up 5 to 20 minutes at a time, with a continuous survival progression feeling. It was a game made to be a filler of spare times, just like a “digital pet” game, but with solid and balanced RPG elements and an interesting setting.

The main problem was that the mobile store is filled with games with waiting times. Those games aim to grab cash from the players by putting a wait wall in front of them. While our aim was to simulate travels and scavenges in real time, it was not feeling very different from those games in practice.

Players of Heroes After the Fall told us that the game was putting a wall in front of the player, hiding the interesting and good sides of the game and pushing the interested players away from itself by not letting them play when they want. We totally agree with these criticisms and present you our new update: No Time to Wait!


There is No Time to Wait, Hop In!

The update introduces a new item named “Dark Orb”. This item lets the player reduce waiting times, just like watching ads do. Don’t worry, although the item is purchasable through in-app purchases, this will not be a paywall situation. Dark orbs are not rare items, they are actually designed to be very common in the game. Every successful scavenge is guaranteed to result in a dark orb. Also, designated enemies (especially bosses) have high chances to drop dark orbs. It is very much possible to go through all the game, using freely acquired dark orbs and not even waiting a single minute!


Balance Changes

Aside from the reduction of the wait times, we also rebalanced randomly generated items in the game in terms of attribute values and cost values. We wanted to increase the frequency of dropped items, while making them effective and usable as much as shop items. Therefore, we increased the drop rates of high rarity items. We also buffed their attribute values for them to be more usable in different scenarios.

We also adjusted item costs and selling values of the items to balance in-game finance a little better. We saw that the credits that the player gains (especially from selling items) overbears the expenditure of the player. We wanted to give a better economy management aspect to the game, which would be appropriate for the theme and survival aspects of the game. In the end, we ended up increasing the shop prices and reducing the selling prices of the items.


Quality of Life Improvements

There are also many other small changes included in the update. We fixed the performance drops in the scrolling UI panels such as shop screens. Furthermore, back button of your mobile device should now function at most of the screens, either by going to the previous screen, or quitting the game. The full change list can be seen below.


Version v0.8 (No Time to Wait) contains following changes to the game:

  • Gameplay: Introduced “Dark Orbs”, allowing the player to skip travel and scavenge durations.
    • Added stackable item type. Dark orbs are stackable, showing in the UI as a stack with count of items indicated inside the item image.
    • Designated starting dark orb count as three. Ongoing games will also receive three dark orbs.
  • Gameplay: Reduced maximum waiting times of travels and scavenges. Reduced maximum waiting times of town travels from 5 hours to 1 hour 30 minutes. Reduced maximum waiting times of scavenges from 1.5 hours to 30 minutes.
  • Gameplay: Added an IAP store, allowing to purchase dark orbs through Google Play purchases.
  • UI: Added a button inside store screens, allowing to sell all common (green) items at once.
  • Gameplay: Increased attribute values of randomly generated common, rare and epic items. Increased some attribute values of legendary items.
  • Gameplay: Increased the drop rate of rare, epic and legendary items.
    • Drop rate of rare items is increased from 18% to 20%.
    • Drop rate of epic items is increased from 10% to 15%.
    • Drop rate of legendary items is increased from 1% to 10%.
  • UI: Added indication that progress will be saved when closing the game on wait screens.
  • Gameplay: Rebalanced the cost values of randomly generated shop items.
    • Changed base cost range of rare items from 30-80 to 50-100. Changed level modifier range of the cost of rare items from 1.5-1.8 to 2-5.
    • Changed base cost range of epic items from 80-140 to 200-400. Changed level modifier range of the cost of rare items from 1.8-3 to 5-20.
    • Changed base cost range of legendary items from 100-200 to 500-1000. Changed level modifier range of the cost of rare items from 8-20 to 40-50.
    • Selling price of the items are now 10% of the buying price instead of 25%.
  • Bugfix: Fixed some typos in the in-game texts.
  • Performance: Fixed the performance problem occuring when there were a lot of elements in scroll screens, such as the sell screen.
  • UI: Added device back button functionality to the game. Pressing back button will go back to previous screens or quit the game depending on the screen the player is on.
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