Bronze Hand Is Now Quenchless

Since we are still at the beginning of our hopefully long journey, I decided to rename the studio from “Bronze Hand” to “Quenchless”. Although Bronze Hand was a really meaningful name for me, as time passed, I started thinking that it was not really a meaningful name for a company. I wanted a more “generalizable” name, suitable for a wider range of products, since I am planning on experimenting on different genres and platforms. “Quenchless” was always in my mind since I started considering names at the starting point of the company. Although it is still kind of a long name, I realized it will be better in terms of originality and memorability.


The word “Quenchless” means “un-quenchable”, “un-extinguishable”; a fire that you cannot put out. For our studio, I hopefully aim that it will signify the non-ending creativity and desire to make good games :)

It is possible that you will see the “Bronze Hand” name in some places, since the name changing process will take some time. I will try to patch already released games during the following days. Please feel free to let me know your opinions about this decision, I would be happy to hear them!

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