Puzzle Sage is a puzzle game with brilliantly designed levels that will give your brain a challenge. Control a puzzle fanatic blue monster and navigate him around various levels, each with different elements such as buttons, keys, boxes, enemies, bullets, etc. The game will keep introducing new mechanics, making the puzzles harder as you tackle each one.



Puzzle Sage is a mobile recreation of a game called Mazem, developed by Berker Sönmez a long time ago. It was a PC game made with Game Maker, having very similar aesthetics and gameplay elements to Puzzle Sage.

Launch Gift Card Competition

We held a launch competition and awarded Amazon gift cards and in-game Level Pack to top players in the game leaderboard.


  • Various puzzle elements combined in brilliant levels.
  • Total of 108 levels and counting.
  • Puzzle elements introduced gradually with increasing difficulty.
  • Leaderboard and achivements via Google Play Games integration.
  • No in game currency or loot boxes to impede gameplay. Just puzzles.
  • In game store, allowing to remove ads and buy extra levels.


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We are an indie game studio located in Istanbul, Turkey. Our current focus is creating small free to play games that go beyond the ordinary cash grabs that overflow the market. Our games will always focus on fun and original gameplay.
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