Revoshooter is a "revolutionary" space shooter game, with comfortable and easy to get used to controls, specifically designed for mobile gameplay.


Open Alpha Release

The game is released in open alpha at 25 Dec, 2018.


  • 3 different control types, choose whichever you are comfortable with.
  • 7+ enemies.
  • 3+ bosses, each with unique fight styles and tactic requirements.
  • 6+ orbiters to choose from.
  • 3+ ships with varying attributes.
  • 3+ cute cores, each with different ultimate abilities (soon to be implemented)
  • Powerups to temporarily boost your powers throughout the levels.


Alpha Release TrailerYouTube



About Quenchless Studios

We are an indie game studio located in Istanbul, Turkey. Our current focus is creating small free to play games that go beyond the ordinary cash grabs that overflow the market. Our games will always focus on fun and original gameplay.
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